Friday, February 11, 2011

Fashion Friday :: Outfit of the week

There is always that one peice of clothing you never wear. Because of the past experiances you had with it, or because of doubt.

I encountered the same situation a week ago, with a long lost skirt I found in the attic. It was...quite the skirt. I've always really hated the skirt, and rarely ever worn it. But, i'm never one to simply -- throw something away, I have to come up with a different occupation for this once nasty skirt.

Turns out, it looked kind of cute as a dress. What do ya know. Taking a skirt, and making it a dress? Yes, i've done this multiple times. [Shhh] It's quite fun.

Who would have thought, right? That the same peice I viewed as ugly, is now adorable to me. It all comes with creativity, you may not be naturally creative. But each person can do this simple feat. If you see an item you view as "good-for-nothing" or an item you never wear, think OUTside the [Box] -- I swear, you'll be able to find new, posh, fashionable, and chic outfits.

If you'd rather have a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a skirt into a dress, then you can find that here

I'm going to go enjoy my quirky new dress, the best thing about it was -- IT WAS FREE. :)

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