Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Outfit of the week -- Fashion Friday

February 14th is always a unique day. No matter if you call it "Single Awareness Day" - "Love Day" - or "Valentine's Day" always happens to be a delightful day. But somewhere along the way it became an over-indulging-on-chocolate day, or simply another day to wallow in your single sorrows. Putting all the melodramatic blues of valentines day aside, we see it as a beautiful day of love.

Well, a beautiful day automatically calls for a beautiful outfit, right? Exactly. This Valentine's Day I got to enjoy some excellent time with some of my favorite group of girls. [Yes, if you were wondering ALL of us are single] For this special event I couldn't merely go shopping for a dress, I had to get hands-on action for this outfit. My inspiration for this unique skirt came from "Ruffles and Stuff" -- One of my favorite blogs.

But, you know me, I couldn't simply, "copy" her idea, I had to make it unique. Thus, I felt the need to use my own pattern {Recipe for disaster} and try a different twist on things.

This is definitely one of my favorite things that I have made in awhile. I learned allot from it:
1. I should very carefully look at the directions before going freestyle.
2. I should measure myself very carefully before cutting. [Whoops]
3. I should sew skirts more often.

Those are practically life lessons right there! ;) Not exactly, but it (in the end) was well worth it, and now I have a cute skirt. Awesome. I simply paired the skirt with a black blazer - black undershirt and some of my favorite black heels. Not complicated at all.

By the way, I got all the supplies from Hobby Lobby [[Shockingly awesome]] for no more than $7 dollars. Cha-Ching. That's what I call lovely.

Hope you had an enjoyable Valentine's Day!  Go take the lessons I learned, and implement them...pronto!

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