Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Guy in the Orange Socks: A Male Perspecitve

“You should always have one piece in your outfit that really pops.”

-Andre Benjamin

This is a piece of advice that I personally have taken to heart, and that I believe every person should follow.

The way to look fashionable is not to heap a ton of loud, colorful pieces together. It is to pick that one little piece that sets you apart from the pack. For ladies, it could be your shoes, your jewelry, your stockings, or your blouse, but every time you get dressed there should be on piece that says, “Wow!”

When picking that one piece, you always have to be careful to make sure that it syncs with what you’re wearing. When wearing relatively plain business attire, spruce it up with a vibrant pair of red pointy-toed high heels. If you find yourself in jeans and a T-shirt, put on that pink scarf.

Style is not about dutifully sticking to the rules; it is about being fashionable. The best dressed women of today are the ones who understand that looking good means wearing something that makes a statement.



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