Monday, June 27, 2011

Taking a Twist on Things [Day #1]

        Oftentimes everyday life can get mushy, it gets tedious, tiring and you find yourself doing the "Same old, same old." This happens throughout the year, but in summer -- the apathy just seems to creep in. Not only do we seem to encounter a new layer of apathy, we seem to get lousy at the tasks at hand. We don't just simply have a lack of interest, oftentimes we pick up a lack of willingness to work at things, get things done, etc.

        This predicament has leaked into fashion a bit. Where I live, everyone is often tempted to wear a tank and shorts everyday, because of the heat. [Not saying I don't do this..] But I was simply experimenting with ideas of how to make summer outfits interesting and fun. Not always sticking with shorts and a tank, or for nicer occasions: a tank and a skirt. But instead, looking for different options. Looking through creative eyes. Instead of going with the flow and picking "easy" summer outfits, try taking a twist on things. I've been trying this recently...well...honestly, my life is a whole journey of taking twists on things. ;) But putting that aside, it's pivotal for wana-be fashion icons [Such as you and I] to always be coming up with new fashion ideas and to tune into our creative fashion side. Yes, even throughout the hot, slow and dreary summer.

        So this week I will be Practicing what I Preach [as some people put it]. I will post every day this week on a fun and quirky outfit, these outfits will indeed, be taking a twist on things.

       Having explained myself, lets hop right into Day #1's Twist. I found this adorable jumper/dress type thing while thrift store shopping with the Touche De Mode girls. It is most definitely vintage [60's-70's] and quite the eye catcher. As soon as I saw it I knew I'd get it, but some of the girls were a little skeptical of it [As is wise..;)] So, I tried it on, and was able to prove to them, that was indeed a great catch. [Can I add that it was only a couple bucks?] It was definitely a good decision. I tried working with it for a bit, seeing what styles I should try with it, what "Twists" I could afford to pull off. I ended up pairing it with gladiator sandals and a vintage white belt with a gold buckle. I got hooked as soon as I tried this look, I absolutely loved it, I must admit. ;) And I hope you do too. :)

                                                 [Move back bugs]

         Yes, if anyone knows me, they know that there's got to be a couple quirky pictures mixed in with the normal ones. As I continue to take risks and twists, I'd adamantly suggest you to do the same this week.


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