Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Friday morning I woke up quite early, along with a third of the world. To watch, the one and only: Royal Wedding. There were so many incredible aspects of the royal wedding that I wish to share with you. Yet, this post will merely stick to fashion. Ah, Britain's Fashion, its exquisite! It was such a fun experience for me to see. If you'd like to hear a little more about my whole experience, you can do so by going here.

Kate has inspired a whole new sense of fashion for us as Americans. She is truly a fashion icon, and will be for many years to come. Specifically her style in regards to hats. We saw many during her engagement, and were enthralled with them. For the wedding, it was very important for the attendee's to wear appropriate and fashionable hats. Such is not only a custom there, it's a fashion statement. That being said, let me share with you Jane's favorite's out of the bunch.

-- Delightful Hats --

1. Carole Middleton
Kate's mother, picked a wonderful outfit. It was flattering, but not too flashy. Her hat was gorgeous. Her makeup was simple and not over the top, but still showed her beauty. Her accessories were simple but elegant. Perfect look for a mother of the bride.

2. Miriam González Durántez
She certainly did make a statement. There are different views regarding this outfit and hat. But my personal view is that it is incredibly elegant, but a bit flashy and loud at the same time. Think what you will about Mariam's outfit. But I believe it was a hit.

3. Lady Frederick Windsor
Her blue was fabulous. Her dress was fitted well and her hat was MARVELOUS.

4. Princess Letizia of Spain
She was so tiny, you might of missed her. But if you did, you missed the most adorable little fashionista you've ever seen! Her hat was wonderful. And the color, ah. Such a beautiful pink, and went great with her complexion. She was one of my favorites.

5. Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece
Her color was also gorgeous. A light silvery blue, it was fabulous. The flower arrangement on the hat was quite charming.

6. Victoria And David Beckham
This was a pleasant surprise for me. For the wedding, Victoria looked like a different person. She did a great job in not standing out. And the hat was a fit. Her hair was just right for the event and makeup. She did great, this time. ;) And David, looked amazing. The coat, the tie and the top hat..they were all just adorable. Even though, you are not supposed to wear your own awards to a wedding and are supposed to wear it on the left when you do. Oh well, I guess that's what you get for living in America. Lowering standards, elevating self. ;) Overall they were a lovely couple.

There were so many others, but the last ones that stood out to me the most were these gorgeous girls. After a long search of trying to find their names I simply gave up. But I still wanted to credit them, because they looked incredible.

Also, can we all give credit to Pippa Middleton? She was the best bridesmaid..ever. Hands-down.

Now that we've seen a couple that I love, let's look at a few misses.

-- Not-so-Delightful Hats --

1. Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice
If you haven't seen pictures of the royal wedding yet, or had time to watch it..i'm sure you heard about these girls hats. Because it's ALL over the news! Especially Eugenie's. For..not so good reasons. They looked...very interesting. The first thought that came through my mind as they arrived was "Evil step-sisters much?" they didn't bring off a good vibe, at all. They kind of seemed to leave a bad taste in my mouth. Even though Eugenie's outfit wasn't necessarily..too bad. [It was just bland] The hat completely distracted from it. Also, Beatrice's outfit wasn't elegant in the least. And didn't help her figure. Sadly enough, this isn't the first time they have worn such horrendous hats. Eugenie and Beatrice strike out AGAIN.

2. Tara Parker Tomkinson
This was a bit interesting. Her hat reminded me of a boat, and the blue was almost unbearable. Blue, if done right is fine. But this bright blue, for every single part of your outfit just doesn't work. But, Tara wasn't just the one who missed..her friend, or whoever was with her made me seriously laugh..loud. Peacock feathers, thats fine. But it looked as if a whole peacock came and sat upon her head. And then another animal was on her shoulders. Come on, PETA would NOT be proud! A little too much for a vegetarian like me to be able to handle. ;)

Overall the experience of simply seeing the wedding was incredible. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I admit, I am SUCH a girl.

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