Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Fashion Trends

Spring has arrived and the question has arisen: "What shall I wear this spring?" What IS in style regarding Spring Fling Fashioning? Have no fear, I am about to reveal to you the most adorable style trends and fashionable pieces that are paramount for the beginning of the spring.

1. Let's start out with my favorite -- TURBANS! :) You'll probably thinking..."Waiiit, these are in style now!?" I will assure you that it's probably not the "Turban" your thinking of. It's the fashion Turban. Audrey Hepburn, Liz Taylor, and all the fashion stars wore them. They are fun, you can wear them with your hair up or down, and there great for bad hair days or busy days. ;) Turbans are so fun, and thankfully they are currently in style once again!

2. Leg warmers! They are undoubtedly incredible! I wear leg warmers often, because they are fun and easy. It really depends on where you live, if you can wear leg warmers in the spring. If you live in Tx, its better to stick with leg warmers for the winter. But other more chilly spring environments, they work perfectly. They are a fashion statement, obviously. But, a very fun one at that! ;) WARNING: There is a RIGHT way and a WRONG way to wear leg warmers.

Right way:

Wrong way:

Catch my drift?

3. Printed Tights. These are so fun, and in fashion! Your own personality easily can be displayed through your tights. I love wearing bright tights, and now, theres printed tights! :) So adorable.

4. Bright Cropped Pants. For spring this look works perfectly. Because they are not "Pants" But not "Shorts" which is a nice in between. They often look good on all body types, it depends on the pants. The skinny look is my favorite though. These are easy for making fast outfits. Take a bright pair of pants, pair it with solid shoes and a solid shirt. Or, if your a bit riskier, but a muted floral shirt with it. Theres a ton of ideas that you can use with cropped pants. But overall, it's a quick and easy cute spring outfit idea!

5. Last of all -- Bright and bold lip colors. This is a bit of a riskier spring fashion idea. But the fact of the matter remains: IT'S IN. So don't feel scared when your about to wear bright pink lipstick for the first time to work. But, please...please...use discretion. Bright and Bold doesn't look good on some people. And bright and bold lip's don't go with some outfits. So please, think before you apply. ;) But Beauty High illustrated this concept perfectly.

These are just a portion of the cute style trends of Spring. Hope they gave you some rockin' idea's as to how to be effortlessly fashionable this spring. :)

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