Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Inspiration

My summer inspiration seems to come from variant fashion tastes, times in history, and random eclectic different places.

My summer clothing picks and accessories must be extremely cool, because of the area that I live in. Cute summer sweaters are not going to fly here. Thus I must adjust my fashion a bit in order to keep cool. ;) So here's to staying cool, and looking cute at the same time:

--Cropped Tops & High waisted Shorts/Skirts--
[Not only is this look adorable, it is cool and kinda an 80's-meets-cute look]

adorable right? I'm pretty excited about this fashion trend.

I have also been diggin' some hippy style myself. For instance:

--Feather Heads--
These are incredibly fun, spunky and adorable.

You can get a variety of different colors, and on the bright side: it's very artsy looking. I really do love this trend and believe it's a whole new creative way of expressing our style..through feathers! Yep, it's pretty incredible.

--French Braids--

If you are like me, then even a little bit of french braiding is tuff business. But let's assume you are skilled and can French Braid. ;) If you can, it is quite nice for the summer. Not only can it help you get you're bangs out of the face and you're hair off you're is quite the bohemian look. With longer hair, or shorter hair, it's a cute makeshift summer do - for sure.


Rompers, such an interesting name. I swear it took me a whole year to remember that name. Anyways, Rompers are pretty much perfect for Summer. If you slip it over a swimsuit, or pair it with a scarf, Rompers are cute and it's fairly simple to create a cute outfit with one of these things. ;) Watch and learn:

The good thing about Rompers is that they work for almost anyone. Most body shapes can pull them off. It's quite a cute idea. Isn't it?

Well, i'm off. In the meantine, stay hydratted, cool and stylish. ;)



Blogger Lenny Lemonade said...

Great inspirations :))))!

August 24, 2011 at 6:15 PM  

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