Monday, February 28, 2011

Essentiels de la Mode: Nifty Necklines

The ultimate purpose of fashion is the enhance you. Thus, in my opinion, the ultimate objective of an outfit is to draw attention to the face. One of the most influential facets of an outfit that determines where the eye falls is the neckline. Many people struggle with finding a neckline that is stylish, flattering to their body type, and still draws attention to the face-- and not other... assets.

Knowing how to work different necklines is essential to being a fashionable woman.  Play around, have fun, and find your favorite nifty neckline!

Here's a quick guide to some common nifty necklines.

Crew Neck
These tend to be most commonly found on basic t-shirts...
However, they can be quite classy as well...

These are flatering on most body types and can range from subtle...

to more pronounced...

Boat Neck
This classic neckline has been a staple numerous icons from Audrey Hepburn to Jackie O!

A modest square neckline can be great for diminishing a large bust. 

Like square necklines, scoop necks can also be great for breaking up the chest/neck area and draw attention up to the face.

These are complimentary to most body types.  The shape helps to accentuate smaller figures, and it also helps to give form and lift to larger ones.

This neckline really acts like a picture frame.  The gorgeous unique lines, draw the eyes upwards to the décolletage, neck, and face.

There are a million and one styles of halters.  They are fun for spring and summer and there's sure to be one that suits you.

French for "band" or "strip [of cloth]," bandeau's are just that.  As such they are generally extremely comfortable, but do not necessarily provide too much support.  They're great for Spring and Summer when less constricting and lighter clothing is preferable.

Here's another neckline perfectly designed to frame the face.  So much so that it's named for this ability.

This fun neckline is great for risk takers and those who love to have a good time.  It can be made to flatter any figure.

This neckline is so amazing that it has literally been around for centuries!

Great for the cold months, cowl necks offer extra warmth and style.

With so many different collars, the possibilities are endless...

Gathers can make anything look bigger or smaller, depending on how they're draped.

Draping is so timeless that it's been recycles every season since the Greeks brought it into vogue.

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