Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Twist on Things [Day #2]

Today I felt as if I should try the whole Cropped shirt and high waisted shorts look that we talked about last week. I paired a crop sweater/shirt with some high waisted shorts. Let me tell you a little story about these shorts, I brought these shorts at a consignment store that had some vintage pieces in the back. I found these shorts and thought about them for a few minutes before I made the choice of getting them. The price tag kind of coaxed me into it. I mean, how can you pass up shorts for $2.00? I know I definitely couldn't. So the twist is mainly the fact that I wore a cropped top with high waisted shorts. Because even though I don't consider it a big deal, oftentimes others do. ;)

Here's to twisting things up, and cropped shirts. ;)


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