Monday, February 28, 2011

My take on the Oscars

Every person has a different take on the Oscars. Who deserved an Oscar? who's dress was prettiest? Which host was the absolute best?

These opinions are your own to keep. But, here at touche de mode we do some assessments. Analyzing who's dresses were best fitted, color toned correctly and the like. That being said here is...

Jane's take on fashion at the Oscars

Let's first take the wonderful hostess of the night: Who, but Anne Hathaway! :)
In my opinion she was a hilarious hostess, keeping things interesting. Even though, there were some awkward moments. "It's a great year for Lesbians"...but aside from that, she not only preformed beautifully, for the most part, she dressed magnificently.

For example, lets take the first dress she appeared in. The Vintage Valentino was a perfect combination, and very pretty. A few minor issues I had with this dress is the fitting on her bust, not only was it pretty low, but it just didn't compliment her upper body. Aside from that, the color was gorgeous, the dress itself was beautiful, and I was impressed. :)

Now let's view all the other amazing and not-so-amazing changes she had. First starting out with her white look. This one of of my very favorites. It fit her well and she wore it with elegance. Need I say more? Now the blue "plasticy" one in the middle was a toss-up. It really depends on if you like this look. But if we look at the aspects of it, we see the fit was nice, the color was complimentary on her, and it was fitting. But, like I said, it depends on if you like that style. The one on the far right is what made me want to call her a Duck. I believed she did indeed, look like a duck. The whole feathered look, the hair, the necklace. This one didn't fly for me. It made me think teen prom-meets-duck-meets-moose-meets-tree. :P

For her serenade [More like hate song] to Hugh Jackman, she wore a suit. This suit had it's perks. For instance the TO DIE FOR, beautiful shoes she donned, with her gorgeous button. The downsides to the suit -- her jacket seemed a bit long. And the bow-tie: The founders of Touche de mode came to a conclusion. Bow-ties on girls just aren't ok. On guys? Of course! But So, the bow-tie wasn't a go for me. The middle dress - the maroon one, was one of my favorites! :) I completely loved this. The color, her hair, the fit. Every element of that dress was beautiful. The black bedazzled dress to the right was a disaster. The cut, no. The undertone, no. The hair, no. It was just a nasty dress. I liked the jewels, but how it was constructed was just...not alright. ;)

The very last dress that we cannot forget about, is the sparkly, fringe, gold dress. This one, was adorable. And you could tell, she loved it too. ;) Everything about this dress was good in my opinion.

Anne Hathaway did a good job in my opinion. But luckily enough, she wasn't the only one. Some of my other favorites were: Cate Blanchett, Hailee Steinfeld, Natalie Portman and Amy Adams. Lets take a look at my first 3 favorites.

Cate Blanchett's dress was unique. It wasn't like anyone Else's, it has it's own personality. It had mixed colors, it was different. I respect that. I really do love the shell-like beading and the whole build of the dress. I thought it was very pretty. But, it all depends on your perspective. Many people, including some Touche De Mode girls don't agree on this dress. But, my personal opinion is that, it's AWESOME.

If you haven't seen the infamous True Grit, then you might not be familiar of this face. The face of the first 14 year old to be nominated for best supporting actress. The adorable: Hailee Steinfeld. Her fashion taste is impeccable. Not only is it flattering, but she seems to always dress in a very age-appropriate way. I admire that. I loved how she pulled off this vintage look quite beautifully.

Now to Natalie Portman. Well, I'd never thought I'd see the day where I'd praise Natalie Portman's Fashion taste. She's had some..pretty awful tournouts. [The SAG awards? GAG-GAG.]But her dress for the Oscars was very well done.

Now for the hate. The dresses I absolutely despised were Jennifer Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon,and lots of others.

First and foremost the one and only Jennifer Hudson!Her dress was a train wreck. I can't talk long about this dress, because it makes me shudder convulsively. Yes, I am indeed adding a picture for your own amusement. I want to warn you beforehand, you might have nightmares about orange blobs and deformed looking bust's. Her hair, the back of the dress, everything just makes me stomach feel unpleasant.

You would at least think the would pick good shoes right? Not. She decided to bank her luck on clunky purple [YES PURPLE] platform shoes. *Gasping for air*

Sadly enough, it doesn't stop there. Reese Witherspoon had to sport her Barbie-blonde cliche look also. This disappointed me. She normally has such good fashion picks. But this time...she let me down. What was up with that hair? First thing I thought was clip on hair pony tail much? It looks like the cheapy kind you get at the grocery store and clip to your hair. It wasn't classy. And the dress, looked like a bridesmaid dress you can find at the resale store, or better yet...davids bridal [Nasty]. And her Now your the green fake haired blonde? Oh, that's even better.

But, lets not end on a sour note. Seeing all of the outfits, I'd say there was some beautiful dresses. I enjoyed admiring most of them, the Oscars is always a fun time. You don't have to agree with my views, because they are - my own. But I hope you still enjoyed Jane's take on the Oscars. :)

My very last favorite was Livia Firth's outfit. The Firth's are one classy Couple.

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