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Catherine's [belated] Commentary on the Oscars

The pinacle of the awards season is the Academy Awards, aka the Oscars.  Stars have been prepping the whole year for this event.  Let's see who put their best foot forward, and who missed the mark.

Here is my [belated] take on the Oscars Red Carpet... and Awards Show... and After Parties!


Mila Kunis showed us what it looks like when lace is done well.    Not only does her gown exude elegance and romance, the color really goes well with her complexion and hair color.  She was wise in pulling her hair up and away from her beautiful face and completing her look with small accent pieces that really made her gown shine.  Good job, Mila!

In my eyes, Natalie can hardly ever do wrong fashion wise, but after her Golden Globes bomb, I was so glad to see her looking lovely once again.  The beautiful color suits her perfectly and shows off her pregnant glow.  The neckline is extremely flattering to her new figure, while keeping everything appropriate to her condition.  Her side-swept hair adds a hint of romance, and, like Mila, she wisely kept her accessories to a minimum.

Amy Adams looked gorgeous... 'Nuff said.  Her gown was incredible.  Her jewels were magnificent.  He hair was lovely.  Her skin was radiant.  Can you get anymore beautiful?!

Wow.  Reese looked like a 1950s Barbie doll.  I loved her two tone dress, subtle accessories, and simple hair and makeup.  Her elegant and understated look really let her natural beauty shine through.

And "Best Dressed Couple" goes to... Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves!  I'm not sure so much pretty-ness should be allowed in a single photograph.  Matthew played it safe in a classic black tux with white pocket square and looked quite dashing-- reminiscent of Cary Grant, even.  But the lady on his arm made him look that much better.  I love how Camila chose to wear all black.  It really went well with her features and acted like a frame of her beautiful face, hair, and arms.  Her decadent, but still simple, chandelier earrings were the perfect baubles to set off her face and sleek updo.  Her whole look was about drawing the eye up to her lovely face.  It's been a while since I've seen a couple complement each other so well on the red carpet.

Mandy Moore was absolutely stunning on the red carpet.  She literall shone.  I love the simple lines, whispy organza, and dainty sparkle.  Again, all of the elements draw the eye upward.  Her classic hair and makeup completed the look.

Celine, Celine, Celine.  I'm not sure a forty-two year old woman who just gave birth to twins should be allowed to look that good.  Her stunning dress really showed off her figure and her sapphire pendant, soft curls, and simple makeup were very age appropriate.  But most of all, she looked confident in the own skin-- now that is attractive.

Another gorgeous lady who showed that age does not determine glamour was Helen Mirren.  She was the picture of high class elegance and good taste in her lovely slate gown with shoulder details, classic accessories, and sophisticated hair and makeup.  I absolutely loved her rendition of the "grandmother" haircut-- totally not grandma like!

At the other end of the age spectrum was newcomer, Hailee Steinfeld.  Not only did she make a great impression on film critics, earning her an Oscar Nomination, she also put her best foot forward on the red carpet.  She looks picture perfect in a classic tea length champagne pink gown, sleek updo, and natural makeup.  Pay attention teenage girls, this is what an age appropriate, classy, attractive outfit looks like!  Way to go, Hailee, for setting a great example and looking amazing while doing so!

After taking a few years off to focus on her daughter, Matilda Rose, Michelle Williams showed that she's still got it!  She stuck to minimal glamour with a modest, well-fitted dress, simple accessories, and her signature pixie cut.  I love that she's stuck with this short 'do, as it really flaters her face shape and makes he look so sweet and sophisticated.  The complete look showed her good taste and propriety.

Ever the risk taker, Cate Blanchett's gamble payed off.  She looked spectacular in this Givenchy number.  The soft lilac with a pop of bright color suited her complexion perfectly.  She accommodated for the unique gown by going with classic hair and makeup.  All in all, Cate looked serene, fresh, and vibrant.

I personally loved Giuliana Rancic's gown for the red carpet.  It was fun.  It was a fun print and color.  It was a fun sillhouette.  It had fun styling.  It was very upbeat and suited her personality.  Of all of the non-traditional gowns there, this one was the best.

Another gorgeous couple was Armie Hammer and Elizabeth Chambers.  The exuded youth, vivacity, and style.  Again, he opted for the classic black tux, while she went with matching black.  I cannot tell you how much I like it when couples coordinate at events...  Not match-- coordinate.  At events-- not necessarily everyday... that's just kinda creepy!  Anyway, under the circumstances, they looked great.

Ever since her stint on Dancing With the Stars, Kelly Osbourne has really come into her own.  Not only has she become much more health conscious, she seems more secure with herself, and has most certainly established a more stylish look.  This outfit showcases her new and improved style.  I love the small details to the dress like the ribbon belt, fun shoulders, and small ruffled train that really make the dress different and interesting.  Kelly still made the look her own by opting for fun lipstick and a retro inspired hairdo.

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most consistently fashionable women in Hollywood.  And she did not fail to impress at the Oscars.  Her lovely metallic gown had an interesting twist in the form of a unique neckline.  I love how her look is always understated and natural with zest.

Yet another dashing couple on the red carpet were, man of the night, Colin Firth and his wife, Livia Giuggioli.  They were the picture of elegance and classic glamour.  She chose to compliment his classic tux with a lovely creme gown.  I absolutely love the vintage styling she chose, from the cut and fabric, to the clutch and understated jewels.  A simply lovely couple.

Miranda Cosgrove's excellently assembled outfit for an Oscars after party added to her status as a budding fashion icon.  I love her fun and flirty dress with lots of texture and details.  She paired it with some amazing heels (I so want some), a cute black clutch, and a pop of pink lipstick.

Call me crazy, but there is something insanely sweet about JT taking his mother to the oscars.  I'm sure Mrs. Timberlake was every bit the proud mother as she walked the red carpet with her dashing son.  And Justin looked please to be able to show off his mom.  But that's besides the point.  They both looked charming together.  He, of course, wore a great tux, with spiffy shined shoes.  And she looked very much like a Hollywood Starlet of old.  Props for classiness... and sweet ness too.

Jessica Biel practically glowed in this metallic knit dress.  It's so classy and elegant, yet modern.  She made sure that all attention was fixed on her face by pulling her hair back and minimally using make up to enhance her features.

Justin and Jessica earned another spot on the list be looking so amazing together at an after party.  Truly gorgeous.

On the Fence Looks
Here are some looks that were on the fence for me.  They could have been great, but...

Jennifer Hudson has taken some major strides in the past few years.  One of the most well known is in the area of personal health.  Now I'm not trying to say that weight equals health.  This is obviously not true.  However her newfound healthy lifestyle has undoubtedly left her with a healthier figure.  Thus, I think this gown was a perfect choice to showcase her new svelt physique.  The color is great with ther skin tone and for the most part the gown in flattering.  However...  I cannot approve of the bust area.  Now, I understand that there is a time and place for cleavage.  But this was just not flattering at all!  Not only did it make her top part look like an over stuffed sausage, it made awkward lines on her shoulders and chest area that detracted from the main event-- her face!  If the band under her bust had been raised a few inches and the cups of the halter been taken in about an inch or two I think it would have made a world of difference.  Kudos to Jennifer to taking big steps toward better health and for being the fashionable and beautiful woman that she is; but I would have liked this look better if the top had not detracted from it.

There's nothing necessarily wrong with Jennifer Lawrence's dress... But that's just it.  There's nothing going on with her dress.  It's too boring.  Now, generally I'm for classic and understated.  If you don't believe me all you have to do is read this post over again.  However this is just plain.  In fact it's too plain to wear to a red carpet event.  As pointed out by The Guy in the Orange Socks last week, there needs to be something in your outfit that makes it pop.  Nothing gives this look that extra pizzaz-- that touche de mode.  Thus, while nothing it wrong with this dress, nothing is right with this look either.

Gorgeous dress, gorgeous shoes, gorgeous hair, gorgeous makeup, gorgeous necklace.  So what am I miffed about?  Could nobody steam this dress?!?!?!?!?!?!  I cannot get over the wrinkled lace!  Especially in the abdomen area.  Either make sure that you can get the wrinkles out after getting out of the limo, or lie across the backseat on the way to the show!  Can no one figure out how to make sure she gets to the show with an unwrinkled dress!


You know the dress isn't for you when it makes you look like a deranged vampire wannabe.  Ok people, I get that vamprism is a craze now-a-days (not that I agree with it, or understand the attraction), but it has no place on the red carpet.  This is not a costume party.  Oh, and Sharon Stone, you are a person... not a vampire... sorry to break the news to you.  But seriously, everything is just wrong with this look, from the color (which totally washes her out and doesn't go with her coloring), to the hairstyle (can you say Snooki meets Real Housewives of New York), to the random fabric and feathers eating her shoulder (what is that supposed to be anyway?)!  This is just a hot mess.

Virginia Madsen,
Miss Piggy called.  She was looking for her nasty, ratted out feather boa.  Then she saw your dress...

Can you say prom bomb.  Everything about this dress from the cheap looking satin, the ill fitting corset top, the unflattering asymmetrical skirt, and the layers of Made in China nylon netting scream Homecoming Queen... well, maybe not queen.

I like Scarlett Johansson, she's a lovely lady.  However I must object to this ensemble.  Obviously she didn't get to memo about tacky lace.  Not only is the lace itself tacky, but it's two-toned in the most unflattering way!  Why on earth is there a light pouch of lace right at the point on the stomach were most of us have an extra pouch?!?!  Whether or not Scarlett has one, this creates the optical illusion that she does have a very pronounced one.  Any dress that makes you look like you have lumps and bumps that you don't is not a good dress.

If the red carpet was reduced to headshots, Hugh Jackman and his wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, would be hot stuff.  However, that is not how it works...  On the red carpet, a couple is not just the sum of its parts.  It's synthesis.  In this case, not even Hugh's dashing good looks are able to make up for the random white stuff coming out of Deborra's... err... shawl?

Bad lace, tacky tulle, and horrific colors strike again in the form of Florence Welch's attire and hair.

Will someone please prohibit Russell Brand from walking the red carpet (as I have yet to see him wear something appropriate), dying his hair, and slouching.

Remember those random ballroom dancing classes your school held right before prom?  Hollywood should hold posture classes before red carpet events.  Remember, fashion is all about presentation.  You could put some people in Givenchy and not see the difference.  You could put other people in paper bags and think they were the most fashionable people you'd ever seen.

After seeing Hilary Swank in this... thing, Miss Piggy issued an official statement asking all Hollywood stylists to stop raiding her closet for her ratty old feather boas.

Oh, Nicole.  Why did you pick such an unflattering cut?  Why did you pick such random embellishments?  Why do you have two locks of hair in your face?  Why is your makeup so washed out?  Why, oh why, did you pick this outfit?

You know there's a problem when the fourteen year old daughter in a micro mini dress is more covered up than the fifty-two year old mother.  'Nuff said.

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