Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Twist on Things [Day #4]

We all have our favorite colors. Oftentimes you're color reflects you're personality. For instance, my very energetic brothers favorite color is neon yellow, and my shy friends favorite is gray. Get the picture? My favorite is often a mix between allot of different colors. I'd say blue is my favorite, but I find myself wearing purple quite often. I realized I wear quite a bit of purple, without even realizing it. :P Yet, this post wasn't created for me to babble about favorite colors. But to inform you that you can use the colors that looks good on you, or you're favorite colors [Or both!] to you're advantage.

The twist today is this: An outfit with all different shades of purple. I paired a purple skirt with grey stripes with a light cotton black spaghetti strap shirt. This shirt is a life saver. It is multi faceted, thus I can wear this shirt with black, green, or purple. To add the finishing touches to this hipster outfit, I put a purple headband on, purple sparkly shoes and some retro style glasses. I really think it ended up working. All the different colors of purple kind of pulled together by adding the extra pieces.

Now you go find you're favorite color and use it to twist you're outfits up!

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