Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Fashionable Man: The Guy in the Orange Socks and introducing The Hair Narcissist

For the past couple hundred years, there has been one essential outfit, if you will, for a man. That outfit is the suit. The suit is a timeless piece of fine art, and it is the foundation for looking good as a man. Sadly, today, many men either wear suits that don’t fit or hate dressing with class. That is why all men should be educated as to the essentials of being suited up.
When choosing a suit, the most important facet is fit. If you have a hundred-dollar suit that fits, you will look better than the guy in the Gucci suit that sags over him like a bed sheet.
Ill-fitting suits can strike anyone-- even (and sometimes especially) celebrities

Many people fail to realize that most suits are made to be tailored. Unless you buy custom made, you probably need to go to a tailor. The essential areas that need to be covered are the body/shoulders, sleeves, and legs. The body should be slimmed down and your suit should hug your shoulders. When the suit fits the shoulders properly, it gives you that V affect. By slimming everything down, you are creating a more streamlined look that is free of wrinkles and excess fabric. Sleeves should be tapered and should stop just above the break of your wrist. You are going to want to show a little cuff. Your pants should have little to no break at your shoes. Fabric that bags at your ankles makes you look like you have elephant skin.

The thing about suiting up today is fit. Your suit has to fit well in order for you to be taken seriously; if it doesn’t then you will look like the majority and that is never what you want to do.



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I agree. I love a man in well-fitting suit.

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