Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Twist on Things [Day #4]

We all have our favorite colors. Oftentimes you're color reflects you're personality. For instance, my very energetic brothers favorite color is neon yellow, and my shy friends favorite is gray. Get the picture? My favorite is often a mix between allot of different colors. I'd say blue is my favorite, but I find myself wearing purple quite often. I realized I wear quite a bit of purple, without even realizing it. :P Yet, this post wasn't created for me to babble about favorite colors. But to inform you that you can use the colors that looks good on you, or you're favorite colors [Or both!] to you're advantage.

The twist today is this: An outfit with all different shades of purple. I paired a purple skirt with grey stripes with a light cotton black spaghetti strap shirt. This shirt is a life saver. It is multi faceted, thus I can wear this shirt with black, green, or purple. To add the finishing touches to this hipster outfit, I put a purple headband on, purple sparkly shoes and some retro style glasses. I really think it ended up working. All the different colors of purple kind of pulled together by adding the extra pieces.

Now you go find you're favorite color and use it to twist you're outfits up!

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Floral Hair Pieces

Soo... I just stumbled upon this AMAZING post on The Glamourai

Which really got me thinking about how much I adore wearing flowers in the hair.  Thanks to shows like Sex and the City and Gossip Girl, floral headgear has really made a comeback in the past few years.

Growing up in Hawaii I'm definitely a huge fan of this trend.  I naturally gravitate to putting real flora in my hair!  Just the other day, I shocked my co-workers by showing up with a flower behind my ear.  Everyone thought it was fake at first, and were shocked when they learned that my lovely gardenia was actually picked right from my backyard!

For me, wearing flowers in your hair isn't just a fashionable thing to do, how you wear it has significance.  If you're single you are supposed to wear your flower above your right ear, but if you're taken you need to wear it on the left (because it's above your heart).



A Twist on Things [Day #3]

Sewing days are especially fun when you make something spectacular out of random scraps of fabric. A Twist on Things day #3 will be able to attest to this. Out of extra fabric scraps and a thin piece of elastic I was able to create a lightweight, sparkly scarf. ;) It was definitely a piece I've been *wanting* to wear, but just couldn't find an outfit that it fit with. But, have no fear...because today I overcame that thought. I paired this fun, glittery scarf with equally glittery oxfords and a brown bubble dress. Finishing it off with a brown vintage belt with a gold buckle. These oxfords have been my recent love. I've always loved the oxford look, but never felt as if I could fit the style quite right. After finding these at DSW, there was no...and I mean..NO reason I shouldn't get them. [Aside from the fact that they cost me an arm and a leg.] ;) They have definitely been worth it though, and I believe they will be equally helpful as they are now throughout the fall.

The twist today is basically the centerpiece of the outfit: the scarf. What was once a normal, cute dress -- just became a statement. I even think that the Man Repeller would be proud of me. O.o

[Statue Pose] ;)

Good luck with the twisting!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Muses de la Mode: Suzy Parker

Not to be outdone by her sister, Dorian Leigh, Suzy Parker is considered by many to be the world's first super model.  She was the first model to ever make more that $100,000 a year.  Though she already had an agency and had already appeared in a national Revlon campaign, Suzy is famous for making her debut with Ford Modeling Agency because Dorian would only sign with the agency if they also took on Suzy without ever having seen her.  Expecting her to be petite and fair with dark features like Dorian, Eileen and Jerry Ford were shocked when they first met the tall redhead.  Suzy Parker is also the only fashion model to have a Beatles song written about her.

Here are a few amazing photographs from her illustrious career.

Jean Patchett, Dovima, and Suzy Parker


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A Twist on Things [Day #2]

Today I felt as if I should try the whole Cropped shirt and high waisted shorts look that we talked about last week. I paired a crop sweater/shirt with some high waisted shorts. Let me tell you a little story about these shorts, I brought these shorts at a consignment store that had some vintage pieces in the back. I found these shorts and thought about them for a few minutes before I made the choice of getting them. The price tag kind of coaxed me into it. I mean, how can you pass up shorts for $2.00? I know I definitely couldn't. So the twist is mainly the fact that I wore a cropped top with high waisted shorts. Because even though I don't consider it a big deal, oftentimes others do. ;)

Here's to twisting things up, and cropped shirts. ;)


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Monday, June 27, 2011

Taking a Twist on Things [Day #1]

        Oftentimes everyday life can get mushy, it gets tedious, tiring and you find yourself doing the "Same old, same old." This happens throughout the year, but in summer -- the apathy just seems to creep in. Not only do we seem to encounter a new layer of apathy, we seem to get lousy at the tasks at hand. We don't just simply have a lack of interest, oftentimes we pick up a lack of willingness to work at things, get things done, etc.

        This predicament has leaked into fashion a bit. Where I live, everyone is often tempted to wear a tank and shorts everyday, because of the heat. [Not saying I don't do this..] But I was simply experimenting with ideas of how to make summer outfits interesting and fun. Not always sticking with shorts and a tank, or for nicer occasions: a tank and a skirt. But instead, looking for different options. Looking through creative eyes. Instead of going with the flow and picking "easy" summer outfits, try taking a twist on things. I've been trying this recently...well...honestly, my life is a whole journey of taking twists on things. ;) But putting that aside, it's pivotal for wana-be fashion icons [Such as you and I] to always be coming up with new fashion ideas and to tune into our creative fashion side. Yes, even throughout the hot, slow and dreary summer.

        So this week I will be Practicing what I Preach [as some people put it]. I will post every day this week on a fun and quirky outfit, these outfits will indeed, be taking a twist on things.

       Having explained myself, lets hop right into Day #1's Twist. I found this adorable jumper/dress type thing while thrift store shopping with the Touche De Mode girls. It is most definitely vintage [60's-70's] and quite the eye catcher. As soon as I saw it I knew I'd get it, but some of the girls were a little skeptical of it [As is wise..;)] So, I tried it on, and was able to prove to them, that was indeed a great catch. [Can I add that it was only a couple bucks?] It was definitely a good decision. I tried working with it for a bit, seeing what styles I should try with it, what "Twists" I could afford to pull off. I ended up pairing it with gladiator sandals and a vintage white belt with a gold buckle. I got hooked as soon as I tried this look, I absolutely loved it, I must admit. ;) And I hope you do too. :)

                                                 [Move back bugs]

         Yes, if anyone knows me, they know that there's got to be a couple quirky pictures mixed in with the normal ones. As I continue to take risks and twists, I'd adamantly suggest you to do the same this week.


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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cannes Fashion 2011

The Cannes Film Festival last month was a goldmine of all things gorgeous and magnificent!
Here are a few of my favorite looks.

Fan Bingbing-- I love the ombre effect in her gown.  The deep color also offsets her lovely compexion.

Fan Bingbing-- The red is also a wonderful color for her skin tone and really sets off her dark hair and eyes.  I love how she incorporated traditional Oriental color and symbolism into the design.

Karolina Kurkova-- As expected of a Victoria's Secret Angel, Karolina is absolutely fetching.  The low cut back, midnight blue, and upswept hair create a look of sultry, Old Hollywood glamour.

Frederique Bel-- the French actress looked every bit the French belle in this lovely red number with matching shoes.

Aishwarya Rai-- the "Most Beautiful Woman in the World" did not fail to disappoint in this two-tone, modern silhouetted gown.

Bar Rafaeli-- this Israeli beauty literally shone in this metallic feathered dress.

Diane Kruger-- was every bit Helen of Troy (the most beautiful woman in the world) at Cannes.  This simple gown allowed her perfect figure and features to show through = majestic.

Emily Browning-- looked absolutely adorable in this sweet lace dress.  This, ladies, is lace done right.  The lovely champagne color also show off her flawless, creamy skin.

Gianna Jun--  was as pretty as a princess in this precious pink piece.  [try saying that five times fast ;) ]

Gwen Stefani-- Gwen, Gwen, Gwen, how do you always look so fabulous?!

Clemence Poesy-- every bit the French country cutie.  Can't you just picture her stepping out of a toile print!

Emily Browning-- strikes again with this super cute green patterned frock and amazing nude platforms.

Mia Wasikowska-- just look at that gorgeous neck...

Jessica Chastain-- yellow is not an easy color to pull off.  Jessica not only got by, her yellow frock paired with her lovely red hair and lips catapulted her to the top of the Cannes Most Fashionable list!

Julia Saner-- her dress is so ridiculously amazing that she gets tree pictures!


OMGsh!  Absolutely breathtaking...

Karolina Kurkova--  the dress!  the shoes!!!

Kirsten Dunst-- I am officially in love with this dress.  It's so flirty and feminine, light and airy, chic and sophisticated, classic and fashion forward...

Kirsten Dunst-- this goldenrod color is lovely with her complexion.  It really shows how rosy her skin is.  I want her shoes!

Lea Seydoux-- pretty in pink.  I love the smocking, skirt, and black accent belt.  A dropped waist and tea length hem is hard for a lot of women to pull off, but it looks great on her and is really flattering to her figure.

Michelle Rodriguez-- this girl can really clean up nicely.  I always love to see Michelle all dolled up-- especially in such a fashion forward outfit.

Zoe Saldana-- is also wearing one of my fashion loves...   it's just so beautiful... [sigh...]

Amy Adams-- first of all, I just have to commend my girl for wearing some 'hose!  OMGsh, I think she's worthy of the list just for that... In addition she has some really awesome sleeves and a great structure to her dress.

Salma Hayek-- can she ever make a wrong fashion step?  I love the millions of layers of chiffon and the gorgeous beading.

Sonam Kapoor-- I love a fashion risk taker.  Sonam's gamble certainly paid off.  She looked incredible in this mod tribute to Old Hollywood glamour.

Uma Thurman-- put anything that bold and figure hugging on someone as statuesque as Uma Thurman and you're sure to have a knockout.  Just goes to show that you don't need to show a lot of skin to be a bombshell.

Uma Thurman--  another lace number that I'm loving.  Again, the high neckline shows that showing skin is not necessary to be attractive.

Ziyi Zhang-  I love how this sweet and simple gown shows of this sweet and simple girl.  The Portrait neckline puts her delicate color bone at advantage, the ruched waist shows off her figure, and peachy cream color goes well with her dark hair and eyes.  The red lipstick completes the look.

Got any favorites from recent awards shows and red carpet events?  We'd love to see and hear what you think!


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